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Learn to fly the safest and most advanced piston aircraft in the world right here at the Inflight cirrus training center MN . Expand your horizons and enter a new world of personal adventure for fun or for business use. Save valuable time and avoid TSA lines by making the captain’s seat your new normal for travel. Fly to your business meeting and be back in time to spend time with your loved ones and pursue your hobbies. We have FIVE G6 Cirrus aircraft available for rent which ensures you always have a plane for your mission. Come experience the Cirrus Life first hand with a discovery flight right here at Inflight.


We offer full training programs on our Cirrus fleet. You can do your Private Pilot , Instrument, and Commercial using the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 Perspective + while enjoying the safety of the CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System). We know the value of time and money, so we use a proprietary in-house matching method to ensure that we set you up with the best possible Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) or Training Center Instructor that will best fit your learning style and personality. Inflight uses revolutionary training material along your journey developed by Cirrus Aircraft which will make your tailored flying experience efficient, safe, and most importantly, enjoyable. By choosing to fly with a Cirrus Flight Training Center, MN, you are receiving the support and encouragement of one of the strongest and most popular aircraft companies in the world. When you walk into a Cirrus Flight Training Center, MN, you will immediately sense the values and principles of Cirrus Aircraft emanating from our Cirrus Training Center Network.


Cirrus Transition Courses are built for pilots who already have experience in conventional airplanes and want to move into the Cirrus. Cirrus offers several different transition courses to help transition you into the Cirrus Life. Our goal at Inflight is to get you into your Cirrus of choice as safely as possible so you feel confident to fly your missions with ease. All of our TCI’s and CSIP’s undergo recurrent training to ensure they are up to date on the most pertinent information to make sure you have the knowledge and tools necessary to always grow as a pilot.

Transition + Advanced Transition

This course is for pilots who are new to flying a Cirrus and is intended to provide opportunities to enhance your flying skills while becoming familiar with your Cirrus. Training is focused on fundamental stick-and-rudder skills, normal and abnormal operating procedures, system familiarization, engine management, and avionics management.

Avionics + Advanced Avionics

Your avionics system provides an interface for you to interact with your Cirrus. The fundamental goal of this course is to provide you with procedures, knowledge, and confidence you need to effectively and efficiently use the Perspective or Perspective+ avionics installed in your Cirrus to enhance every flight.

Airframe/Powerplant Differences

This add-on course is designed to transition an experienced Cirrus pilot to a different airframe/powerplant. The course focuses on the operational differences unique to the model of aircraft and engine you will be flying. All options are available from the SR20 to the SR22.

Recurrent Training Events

This flight-based syllabus addresses piloting skills that often degrade shortly after transitioning into a new aircraft. The flight lesson is designed to fine-tune aircraft control and standard flight procedures. It’s recommended taking this course three months following the completion of Cirrus Transition or Differences training.

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